Your €59 Gas Boiler Service Dublin/Bray

Your €59 Gas Boiler Service Dublin/Bray 

Your full Gas Boiler Service Cost will include the following;

  • Check for correct ventilation as appropriate
  • Check boiler for visual damage
  • Check flue spillage where appropriate
  • Check flue condition/routing and terminal location
  • Check condensate drainage system/condensing boilers only
  • Check appliance clearance from combustible materials
  • Check main boiler
  • Check pilot burner/probes cables
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check/adjust main burner operation/as per manufacturer instructions
  • Check operation of flame sensing control
  • Check effectiveness of flue with boiler running
  • Check for gas soundness of appliance with boiler running
  • Check operation of boiler thermostat
  • Check system pressure/as manufacturer instructions
  • Check and charge expansion vessel
  • Carry out combustion efficiency test…. to include following, boiler combustion,Gas 02 ,Gas co,°C


The payback for you is a lot bigger than the €59 you pay us.

You have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are safe.

You will reduce your carbon footprint emissions.

You will save money because your boiler will be running more efficiently.

You prolong the life of your boiler.

Protect from more costly boiler repairs and breakdowns.

According to the SESI a boiler not serviced could cost you up to €150 extra per year. So gas boiler servicing will save you money.

On completion you will receive a RGI certificate and a digital printout on the performance of your boiler.

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