New Gas Boilers

Why choose us?


Well here are 7 good reasons why.

Please read carefully.

1. If you need a replacement boiler our prices are extremely competitive! Our prices for supplying a new A-Rated Gas Boiler start from just €1595, and A-Rated Oil Boilers from €1895, in fact, so competitive are we that we win about 8 out of every 10 jobs we tender for.

2. We never arrive late. In fact we start our boiler installations at 8:15AM and if we are even 1 second late we will discount €100 off the price of your new boiler no quibble whatsoever.

3. We are a company with staff! What does that mean for you? Well, if you take your average gas boiler plumber, most are a One Man Band type set up, and yes, there are some fantastic ones at that, but, as Murphy’s Law will have it, when you need him in a panic he can’t react quick enough because he is either busy on another job or he has his phone turned off or he doesn’t work over the Christmas Holidays etc. We however, have your boiler & plumbing problems covered 365 days a year 24 hours a day, which gives you peace of mind always.

4. The Boiler that we will quote you for and also we recommend is the Ideal Logic A-Rated boiler, with a 5yr all parts and labour warranty. Why Ideal Logic? Well to start with we all know how the English are when it comes to engineering and reliability, in fact every single component on your new Ideal Logic Gas Boiler is manufactured in the UK, unlike almost all other boiler manufacturers who have everything made in China and then assembled in France or Italy.  Although if you do need a cheaper boiler we would be happy to fit it for you. We do it all the time for clients who might be on a tighter budget. To find out more about our €1195 boiler and availability please click here.

5. All our replacement gas boilers are done the same day. Typically in about 5-8 Hrs.

6. We have over 9,500 clients on our database that we have either serviced or installed their boiler, so we must be doing something right.

7. We replace Gas Boilers everywhere in Dublin or Bray Co. Wicklow.

Available 24/7, Call us today on 086 222 77 94

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