What is Power-Flushing?

Are you wondering what a Power-Flush is?

Did you know corrosion within central heating systems accounts for 90% of all system/boiler failures.

Rust occurs in all central heating systems producing a (iron oxide) sludge causing the following problems:

Dirty black or brown water present when bleeding radiators confirms system corrosion.
Radiators cold at bottom due to sludge.
Radiators cold all over due to blocked valves and pipes.
Irritating boiler noise from sludge, a warning sign of imminent costly problems.
Boiler cutting out and no circulation due to blocked pump or pipe-work.
Radiators cold at top and need bleeding due to gases, a by product of rusting.

Benefits of a Power-Flush:

  • Efficient central heating and hot water
  • Optimum working hot radiators and hot water
  • Lower fuel bills
  • Corrosion protected central heating
  • Scale protected system
  • Peace of mind
  • Central heating system cleaned as thoroughly as possible


The Power-Flushing process:

1. Power-Flushing is the process by which central heating systems are forcibly cleansed using water and chemicals at high velocity, but low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system.

2. A Power-Flushing machine replaces your heating pump or radiator and your system is drained down and filled with fresh water and heavy duty cleansing chemicals.

3. Each radiator is then cleansed individually until they are clean and all sludge is removed.

4. Once every radiator has been treated and the water is running clear inhibitor and anti-freeze is then added to your system to stop any further corrosion.


Do the following symptoms sound familiar?

Can you feel cold spots in the radiators?

Are your radiators cold at the bottom?

Are your radiators cold at the top and require bleeding?

Do you suffer from blocked pipes and valves due to sludge and limescale?

Are you unable to control the temperature of your radiators?

Do you get loud banging noises from the boiler?

Do you have noisy pipes due to restriction?

Is your boiler cutting out due to damage or blocked pump?

Do you suffer from dirty brown or black water when bleeding your radiators?

Does your hot water fluctuate in temperature with little or no hot water due to blocked pipes and heat exchangers?


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Power Flush Prices

Up to 8 Radiators €399 including VAT

8 – 11 Radiators  €450 including VAT

11 – 15 Radiators or more €549 including VAT

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