Brian Leigh

What was involved?
It was a full home heating installation with a new boiler and radiators and a power-flush.

How did you choose Stillorgan Gas Heating & Plumbing?
Word of mouth from a friend. We’ve been badly stung over the years with workmen. There’s a lot of cowboys out there which is why this time we wanted somebody recommended. My wife saw the work that they had done for a friend, thought it was nice and we decided to go with him.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Stillorgan Gas Heating & Plumbing?
My wife and I weren’t really sure what was necessary. We left that up to them.

Did Stillorgan Gas Heating & Plumbing introduce new ideas?
They did, yes. They checked out the system we had, suggested different options and gave us what what we felt was good advice on what needed to be done. We went with their recommendation and we’re very happy we did.

How did the project run?
I like the way the team carried out the work. I understand that it’s a building site but it’s also someone’s home. They were very respectful and tried to minimise any disruption. They did a good job because my wife, who is very fussy was happy. They were able to start the job right away which I was happy about too. Sometimes you hire someone, pay them the money and then you have to chase them down to do the work.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Stillorgan Gas Heating & Plumbing?
Their plumbers came across as very honorable. They speak to you as opposed to at you. That made a big difference with me.

Would you recommend Stillorgan Gas Heating & Plumbing to others?
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. It’s hard to get a good plumber and when you find one, you keep them.

Any tips for other people?
Try to get names for references and speak to them if possible. That’s what we did and it made a big difference. I’ve had so many bad jobs done that I could write a book about my experiences with tradespeople.

– Brian Leigh, from Deansgrange, Dublin 18
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